My Flowatious Journey - Tyrone Titus Browley

Tyrone Titus Browley Creator of Flowatious I am currently Flowatious in a few areas of my life. My marriage is Flowatious, my relationships with my children are Flowatious.  My thoughts about my future are Flowatious.  My current financial energies are somewhat Flowatious.  I say somewhat because I still work at a job and I'd rather be working full time on our businesses.  I'd rather be focused on writing Flowatious content and sharing high vibrating energies full time. I know I'll soon reach the goal of doing so because of the Flowatious ways that my wife and I currently live our lives.

Why I Feel that I am Supposed to Express and Share Flowatious Energies.

I have researched, studied and immersed myself in many personal/self development courses and information for the past 15 years. I have implemented many suggested ways of being into my life and I've also let go of energies that were harmful to my growth.

By continuing to do this consciously, I am becoming Flowatious in all areas of my life.  I would like to share with you what has helped me so far on my Flowatious journey.  Hopefully by being transparent and showing you examples of Flowatious ways through myself and other Flowatious people, you will be inspired to become Flowatious also.

Everything that I write or speak about are energies that I have either attached myself to or detached myself from and the results that I have experienced by doing so.

I feel that my life mission is to create and contribute to Flowatious energies that are harmonious with the goal of awakening global consciousness to the fact that we create the lives that we want to create.

Flowatious Inspiration is My Destiny

Numbers Don't Lie

Numbers are a major part of our lives. They reveal a a lot about us when understood correctly.  I believe that everyone should have at least a basic understanding of how they affect us on a personal level.

I got into numerology a few years ago and the more I learned about numbers, the more I became intrigued with how much they play a part in our lives.  I even went as far as getting a numerology report which impressed me even more about numbers.

One of the many things that the numerology report showed me was what my full name represents when broken down into numbers.  As you can see in the picture above, my full name, when put into numbers, is 7. When I read what the number 7 represents, it was pretty much on point with the way that I am.

Anyone who is into numbers knows that 7 is considered a sacred number. 7 is the number of knowledge and wisdom. 7 is also highly intuitive and spiritual. When I learned this it resonated with me 100%.  Mostly everything about me, when broken down in numbers, adds up to seven.

Here are a  few areas of my life that add up to seven when put into their numeric values:


Tyrone Titus Browley Number 7 vibrations

Wow is all I could say when I first read and consciously realized how much the number 7 resonates with me.

It makes since though because I love to research about the meanings, possibilities and the why of things. I have a strong intuition, I love to read and write about the energies that permeate through our lives.

I truly know why I'm here on this plane of existence. It is definitely to create and contribute to energies that are harmonious with the goal of awakening global consciousness to the fact that we have the power to create the life that we want to create.

~Lets Flow