What is Flowatious?

Flowatious, (pronounced Flow-a-shh-us) is a term which describes a state of being that, when consciously implemented into your life, it promotes growth in all major areas.

The Meaning of the word Flowatious is to be Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually Immersed in Energies or that are Harmonious with the Manifestation of Your Dreams.

Everything that we interact with is a form of energy that is vibrating at certain frequencies. These frequencies are wavelengths that are either low or high vibrating energies. 

The Flowatious mission is to contribute to energies that educate, motivate and inspire. 

What is Being Flowatious?

Being Flowatious consists of you knowing what dream you want to achieve and consciously immersing yourself in the energies that will eventually lead to the manifestation of your dreams. 

The energies that we interact with daily come in different expressions. These expressions or combination of energies can be people, the places that we go, the music that we listen to and the television programs that we watch.

When we become conscious of the combination of energies that we are, and become aware of how we interact with all other energies of life, we can then determine if what we are expressing through self will attract the manifestations that we want.

Are You Flowatious?

Are you Mentally, Physically and Spiritually Immersed in Energies that are Harmonious with the Manifestation of Your Dreams?


When you set a goal to accomplish something are you mentally strong enough to do what is necessary to manifest the outcome that you want? Have you built your mental strength to a point that you can push through when things get complicated?

Life throws us curve balls in many forms. We have to be able to overcome the energies that attempt to tell us to just give up. These energies will be ourselves through negative self talk and/or other people who may project their own limitations onto us because they don't have the mental strength to push through tough situations.


Are you physically able to manifest your dream or are you willing to become physically capable of achieving the outcome that you have envisioned? Can you withstand the physical demands that your dream requires? If you can answer yes to this question, than you are one step closer to being Flowatious.


Does your dream resonate with you on a spiritual level?  Does your manifested dream align with you, God, the Creator, Source, the Universe, your Higher Self? Don't let the pursuit of your dream cause you to become unaligned with your spiritual values.


You Are Flowatious!

When you think about your dream and ask yourself are you Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually able to Immerse in the Energies that are Harmonious with the Manifestation of the dream and you can honestly answer yes and you are willing to put in the work to accomplish the dream, then you are Flowatious.

~Tyrone Titus Browley II