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We all have routines that we follow each day whether we're conscious of them or not. We wake up each morning and do the same sequence of actions. You wake up, look at your phone (hopefully not), get out of bed and do whatever else it is that you do the same way every time.

By doing these things the same way over and over again we are programming ourselves to do them automatically. We are ingraining these habits into our sub-conscious causing us to not even have to think about doing them.

ROUTINES - A sequence of actions regularly followed. A fixed program.

So the sequence of actions that we are following are things that we have programmed within ourselves that have become fixed and habitual. This can be good or bad for us depending on what actions we have been consistently doing.

For example: I get up every morning around 4 a.m. When I get out of bed I go drink a glass of water to hydrate my body. I then of course wash my face and brush my teeth. After that I go to my home office and do my breathing meditations.

Once I do the above mentioned, I then write out my affirmations, making sure to visualizing while writing. All of this helps set the day for me to flow more highly vibratious than not.

This wasn't always the way that I started my day though. I used to wake up and let all types of negative thoughts flood my brain which would cause me to veer into a negative state and cause most of my day to reflect this externally.

It wasn't until I became conscious of what I was doing to myself and took action, that things begin to change for the better.

CONSCIOUS - Aware of and responding to ones surroundings; Awake. (2) Having knowledge of something; Aware. (3) Painfully aware of; Sensitive to.

I became aware of and started to respond to my surroundings and changed what needed to be changed. My habits, from the first moment I woke up in the morning, was where I began to implement change and it has benefited me in all areas of my life.

I call it having "conscious routines" which basically means being aware of the sequence of actions that you are regularly following and implement habits that you want to become a fixed program.

Everything that we do repetitively becomes a fixed program anyway so why not program yourself through conscious habits or routines, to do things that are beneficial to your overall growth. Eventually these things will become automatic and you wont even have to think about doing them.

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Love this! It is soooo hard to get out of those “not so helpful” habits,

Angie Tovsen