What is Flowatious?

Flowatious, (pronounced Flow-a-shh-us) is a term which describes a state of being that, when consciously implemented into your life, it promotes growth in all major areas.

The Meaning of the word Flowatious is to be Mentally, Physically, Spiritually and Emotionally committed to Habits that are Aligned with the Manifestation of Your Dreams.

What is Being Flowatious?

Being Flowatious consists of you knowing what goals you want to achieve and consciously immersing yourself in the habits that will eventually lead to the manifestation of your dreams. 

The Habits that we interact with daily come in different expressions. These expressions or combination of habits can be people, the places that we go, the music that we listen to and the television programs that we watch. Just to name a few.

When we become conscious of the combination of habits that we are, and become aware of how we interact with all other habitual expressions of life, we can then determine if what we are committing to and immersing in will attract the manifestations that we want.

Are You Flowatious?

What is Flowatious infographic