What are Your Energetic Concoctions? What are You Attracting into Your Life?

Energetic Concoctions written by Tyrone Titus Browley

According to Webster's American Dictionary the definition of the word Concoct (concoction) is to prepare or make by combining ingredients. In life this is also metaphorically what we're doing. We are making our lives by combining ingredients (energies).

So with that being said, take a look at the questions directly below and answer each of them truthfully to help you become aware of the ingredients that you are adding into your life.

  • What are you concocting in your life?
  • What mixture of energies are you combining to create the life that you are living?
  • What type of people do you interact with daily? (Physical Ingredients)
  • What type of music do you listen to most? (Audio Ingredients)
  • What type of movies do you watch? (Visual Ingredients)
  • Do you speak and think mostly negative or positive. (Verbal and Mental Ingredients)
  • What type of foods do you eat?
  • Have you really been conscious in each of these areas of your life?

All of this has an affect on what we get from life. Whatever we choose to indulge in and interact with the most, eventually will become apart of us.

All Life is Energy Expressing Itself in Different Ways or Waves.

All that we see and experience in life is just energy vibrating on different levels of frequencies. The people that we see, the places that we go and the things that we feel physically and internally are all forms of energetic vibrations.

Knowing this consciously and deliberately applying this knowledge into our lives is how we create the life that we want. Most people are going through life unconsciously creating experiences that may seem random, but this is far from the truth. Earl Nightingale said it best; "You become what you think about".

Any and everything that we experience is by our own doing whether we believe this or not. There is a universal law that states that we attract energies that are harmonious with our own energies. Most call this the Law of Attraction.

I couldn't have attracted that experience into my life. Or Did I?

Have you ever been in a situation that causes you to ask "why is this happening to me". We all have had, and still do have these experiences. We wonder why the same things that keep us in a negative vibration seem to happen over and over again.

We continuously ask ourselves:

"Why do I always fall short when it comes to ___________?"

"Why can't I ever get this right?"

"When will I finally be happy?"

"Why do I always end up in these types of relationships?"

"Why can't I, Why don't I, Why wont I?"


The energetic state that we're in and the way that we are asking these types of questions are the reason that we get the answers that we get from life.

When we ask for things from ourselves, God or the Universe, we are always vibrating on a certain energetic level. This causes a feeling within us that is either negative or positive. Good or bad.

These internal feelings are actually what our Higher power is responding to. This is why when we are asking for things we must be conscious of the ways that we ask.  We must ask from a positive energetic state.