Who Are You? Do You Really Even Know?


The first step to becoming Flowatious is to Know Thyself.  Many ancient, religious and spiritual teachings also tell you to know thyself.  This phrase has been inscribed on the forecourt of the Temple of Appollo at Delphi. Why is this? Why has self knowledge been deemed as being "The essence of knowledge" by Greek philosopher Plato? 

Knowing thyself must be an important aspect of life that we all should be consciously aware of.  Otherwise so many great intellects from the past and present wouldn't have spoke or written about it as being so.

Knowing how you operate and respond in various situations will help you determine what energies you need to implement into your life and which ones you need to tweak a little or get rid of all together. Most of us however, don't want to get to know ourselves on a deep level and so we avoid looking within and instead respond to our external surroundings unconsciously.  Through trying to be what everyone else wants us to be such as our parents, peers, mentors, etc., we become people pleasers instead of who we are truly meant to be.

Aldous Huxley wrote "If most of us remain ignorant of ourselves, it is because self knowledge is painful and we prefer the pleasures of illusion." It is definitely true that the observation of self can be disturbing in some ways but what we find and correct will manifest a life of truth that will allow us to create consciously.

So How do You even Begin to uncover Who You Really Are?


As stated above and throughout history by many intellects, philosophers, religions and other sources, truly knowing thyself comes with many challenges and can be painful.  There are a few routes that you can take on the path of self discovery. These include, but are not limited to, Meditation, Self Oberservation/Self Reflection, Numerology Report and Asking Others.

⦁ Meditation. When done correctly, meditation will help you increase awareness of yourself as well as your surroundings.  When you sit quietly with yourself and consciously listen to your thoughts, you will realize the limiting beliefs as well as the empowering beliefs that you feel about yourself. When your dis-empowering beliefs are known by you, then you will be able to redirect those thoughts into high vibrating ones. (How to Meditate.)

⦁ Self Observation/Self Reflection. This is similar to meditation with the difference being that you are observing your interactions as they happen, in the situations that you experience daily. In other words, as you are going through your daily actions, you are being consciously aware of how you respond to the things that occur. When a project does'nt go as planned do you instantly get pessimistic or do you maintain an optimistic mindstate about it? Observe these things and similar situations as much as you can and then reflect upon them at the end of your day to learn more about yourself.

Reflection is powerful in many ways. Self reflection is about looking within and reflecting on how you have presented yourself to the world. If you like the type of energy you are vibrating, then all that is needed is for you to strengthen that energy. If while reflecting you feel that you could be better in any area of your life, then make the necessary changes internally so that it can be reflected externally.

⦁ Numerology Report. Numerology is basically a tool that we can use to disclose to ourselves our individual purpose and it also shows us ways that we can achieve it. A big part of knowing yourself is knowing why you are here. We all have an individual purpose to express in this plane of existence. When you have an idea about what that purpose is, you can begin to immerse yourself in Flowatious energies that will strengthen the expression of your purpose.

⦁ Asking Others. It is a known fact that there are some things that we do that others notice, but we are unaware of ourselves. You may know a person who is stubborn and a few other people have stated this and agree with you. But the person who is being accused of being stubborn is unconscious of this trait within them. Or they're just being stubborn and wont admit it. The point is, others tend to see things in us that we don't necessarily see ourselves.

You can start by asking people you are close to and interact with daily such as your spouse, parents, siblings and co-workers. They should give you some good insight as to how you present yourself to them.
After you have asked these individuals about their perception of you, based off of the feedback given, you will be able to determine patterns about youself that you may have been unconscious of before.  Now you have a better understanding of yourself and can implement energies that are beneficial for your growth and get rid of energies that are harming or stunting your growth.


When you are on a conscious journey of becoming aware of self, there will be ups and downs just like with anything in life. One of the main things for you to remember is to stay focused on becoming the best expression of yourself that you feel you can be. Always know that life happens for you, not to you.

~Be Flowatious