About Us - What is Flowatious?

Flowatious mission is to contribute to education that motivates and inspires people to become mindful of, and express the greatest version of themselves.

Flowatious (pronounced Flow-A-Sh-Us) is a word that I came up with to describe a person who is committed to habits that are in harmony with the expression of their greatest self.

Things that we do consistently will eventually become habitual. When we are committed to habits that are based around us wanting to express the greatest version of ourselves and we take actionable steps, we become Flowatious!

What is Being Flowatious?

Being Flowatious consists of you becoming mindful and knowing who you are internally. Once you truly know yourself, you can then consciously immerse in the habits that will lead to the expression of your greatest self, and at the same time, the manifestation of your goals/dreams.

The Habits that we interact with daily come in different expressions. These expressions or combination of habits can be people, the places that we go, the music that we listen to and the television programs that we watch. Just to name a few.

When we become conscious of the combination of habits that we are  expressing, and become aware of how we interact with all other habitual expressions of life, we can then determine if what we are committing to and immersing in will lead to the expression of our greatest self. 

Flowatious Apparel Mission

The mission of Flowatious Apparel is to share "Highly Vibratious" messages through the art that we create for our clothing and accessories. Highly Vibratious messages are signs, symbols and words that cause the feelings of positive emotions within.

Words and pictures have an impact on us consciously and sub-consciously. When we see these images and words, they emotionally connect with us and cause positive or negative feelings internally.

When we feel good internally, this is reflected externally as our expressions. And the same applies when we have bad feelings dwelling within.

This is why I create designs, images and use words that cause high vibrating feelings in the person who is wearing them as well as the people who see the messages.

When you wear the Flowatious brand, you are sharing highly vibratious messages with self and others as well. Thank you!

Are You Flowatious?

What is Flowatious infographic


Flowatious numerical meaning adds up to the number 6 which means responsibility and service achieved through love, compassion and delicacy.

The word Flowatious numerically breaks down to the number 6 when using the Pythagorean Number Values.

The number 6 signifies responsibility and service achieved through love, compassion and delicacy. 6 desires to bring harmony, truth justice and a sense of balance into it's environment.

This is on point with the mission and message that Flowatious permeates and the numerical breakdown of this was calculated after I had already came up with the name in word form. So Flowatious!


* Highly Vibratious - Any experience that causes you to feel positive emotions within.