What is Flowatious

The Meaning of the word Flow-a-tious is to be Mentally, Physically, Spiritually and Emotionally Immersed in Energies that are Harmonious with the Manifestation of Your Goals.
I created Flowatious because I am a contributor to energies that align with the awakening of global consciousness to the fact that we have the power within to create the life that we want to experience externally.

Everything is energy that is vibrating on certain frequencies. These vibrations are either high vibrating energies or low vibrating energies.  When our mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional energies are in harmony, we are able to create the life that we want to create.  We become Flowatious.

What is Being Flowatious?

Being Flowatious consists of you knowing what goals you want to achieve and consciously immersing yourself in the energies that will eventually lead to the manifestations of these goals.  The energies that we interact with daily come in different expressions. These expressions or combination of energies can be people, the places that we go, the music that we listen to and the television programs that we watch.

When we become conscious of the combination of energies that we are, and become aware of how we interact with all other energies of life, we can then determine if what we are expressing through self will attract the manifestations that we want.

Are You Flowatious?

Are you Mentally, Physically, Spiritually and Emotionally Immersed in Energies that are Harmonious with the Manifestation of Your Goals?

When you set a goal to accomplish something are you mentally strong enough to do what is necessary to manifest the outcome that you want? Have you built your mental strength to a point that it is unbreakable? Life throws us curve balls in many forms. We have to be able to overcome the energies that attempt to tell us to just give up. These energies will be ourselves through negative self talk and/or other people who may project their own limitations onto you because they don't have the mental strength to become Flowatious.

Are you physically able to manifest your goals or are you willing to become physically capable of achieving the outcome that you have envisioned? Can you withstand the physical demands that your goals require? If you can answer yes to this question, than you are one step closer to being Flowatious.

Does your goals resonate with you on a spiritual level? Does your manifested goals align with your higher power, your higher self, God?

Do you feel the emotions of joy, happiness, excitement and love when you think about or are working toward the goals that you want to manifest? Your emotional state is the key ingredient that causes your visualized goals to materialize.

Once all four of these energies (Mental, Physical, Spiritual and Emotional) are harmonious with your goals, then you become Flowatious.