Stop Acting like a Vic! (Stupid Car)

I just witnessed something that I would consider to be weird. I was at the gas station putting gas into my vehicle when another vehicle pulled to the gas pump across from where I was. A man got out and was about to pump gas. He looked and noticed that he had parked his vehicle on the wrong side from where the gas tank was. He got angry and said "stupid car". So I looked over and said "don't you hate when cars do that"? 

He did not respond to what I had said, he just got in his vehicle and positioned it properly, got out and pumped his gas.

Now, the reason I said what I said was hopefully to get him to think about what he was doing. He was blaming the vehicle for his mistake.  Blaming everyone and everything for our own mishaps is a cause for failure to occur in our lives. 

It wasn't the car's fault that he parked on the wrong side of the fuel pump.  The car is what it is. He was acting like a victim in the situation and wasn't taking responsibility for his own actions which was weird to me in many ways. 

We've all had experiences where we acted like the victim in a situation when truly we weren't.  Most of the time we are unconscious of what we are doing. That is why I asked the man at the gas pump what I had asked. To see if he was actually aware of what he was saying. 

Difficult things happen to all of us. It's a part of life that is happening for us and not to us. How we respond to these situations is what causes us to get the effects that we experience.

We must realize that our actions are creating the experiences that flow to us. If we feel like a victim every time something doesn't go the way that we want, we are hurting ourselves in many ways.

How Exactly Can We Be Hurting Ourselves?

When we feel like victims, we are in a low vibrating state of being. Our thoughts are more cynical than not.  We tend to react to situations as if we're being attacked which causes us to be in defense mode. It's stressful to be defensive all the time. Stress can cause many problems that may lead to unwanted health issues.


Another way that the victim mentality can hurt us is that is causes us to not take responsibility for what happens in our lives.  When something happens and we point the finger at someone else to blame for the outcome, when we are truly the ones who caused it, we are running away from the opportunity to learn and grow from the situation.

When we take responsibility for what happens, we can then reflect upon the experience and become aware of how we acted. Once we do this, we will have a better understanding of what we did and what we can do the next time to create an outcome that is aligned with high vibrating energies.



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Wow!! Love this, Tyrone!

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